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Whether you’re new to Vitamix or have been blending with us for years, here are a few simple tips and tricks every Vitamix owner should know.

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  1. Liquids (water, juice, yogurt)
  2. Dry Goods (grains, seasonings, powders)
  3. Leafy Greens
  4. Fruits & Veggies
  5. Ice & Frozen Ingredients

Placing heavier, frozen items on top of lighter ingredients helps weigh them down and gets the blend moving faster. This can help prevent the blend from stalling, also called cavitation, which happens when air pockets form around the blades.

The Lid Plug Trick

Did you know that the lid plug of your Vitamix container doubles as a small measuring cup? Look closely and you’ll see half-ounce and one-ounce fill lines. These are perfect for cocktails recipes, or if you need to thin a blend by adding a small amount of liquid.

Blending on High

Whether you’re making smoothies, soups, or even thicker blends like hummus or sorbet, you’ll almost always get the best results by starting the blender on low and quickly ramping up to high.

Blending on high not only reduces blend time, it also helps keep the motor cool. There are a few exceptions, so always follow the recipe instructions – but when in doubt, turn it to high.

Master the Tamper

For thick, challenging blends, the tamper can help get the mixture moving while breaking up air pockets that form around the blade. Simply rotate the tamper around the four corners of the container until a vortex begins to form and your blend is moving freely.

Self-Cleaning Container

All Vitamix blenders are self-cleaning: just add a few drops of dish soap, fill halfway with warm water and run on high for 30-60 seconds (or run the Clean program). Also, check which model you own – all newer containers are dishwasher safe.